Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can do that. Guests choose the cocktail and a song  they like and  we prepare the cocktail while singing. We even take the next orders and entertain the guests, unbelievable but true…

We bring everything we need! Mobile bars, all ingredients, glasses and ice, as well as a music and light system. All we need is an electrical outlet! Since we also have a sink for the shakers etc. with us, the possibility to get water nearby would be very helpful.

For each bar element and bartender we need about 1.50 m in width + 1 m for the music system and about 2 m in depth.

No! If you book the Singing Barkeepers (gladly also with singing bar lady), then we can take car of whole music-part for the event, even if it is about giving sound to  several rooms. We sing while we prepare and serve the cocktails and DJ between the show acts. We can always provide the right music and provide the right music for you guests.

https://singingbarkeepers.de/art-mark-solo/We start from about 30 people and have rocked parties with far more than 1000 guests. For large events we scale the music system,  expand the mobile bar, female singers and (non-singing) bartenders to support us.

For smaller parties you can also book us SOLO and with a singing bar-lady.

Similar with self-supplied wine (keyword: corkage ), it is also favorable in our case to clearly agree with the restaurant manager that we do not obtain our material from the hotel, but bring it ourselves. A “corkage” will certainly be due for their loss of sales. In case of doubt, we will be happy to talk to those are in charge.

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