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Art Duke Singing Barkeeper

Art Duke

At the age of 11 I started with gospel and school choir, the possibility to get around instrumental lessons with singing was very welcome to me.  A-Capella Bands, Irish-Folk, Cover-Rock and more followed in my youth.

In 1999 I even joined a musical troupe as a bartender in the bar of the Kulturkammergut Fürth. Singing came along when the music in the bar broke down. My spontaneous a capella singing to keep the guests happy and in the bar was the birth of the singing bartender.

The singing DJ was then "conceived" at a wedding in 2001, an important basis to then accompany the first wedding in 2002 as a singing bartender with a self-built bar. With a singer at my side, since 2007 also my later wife Jessi K. the whole thing made me and the guests even more fun.

My best friend Mark Dee I have taken very early to many gigs. To entertain the guests together in the best way always makes me happy and proud!


mark dee

It was clear to me very early on that I was not going to be a fireman, I was going to be a musician. For my 13th birthday I got my first guitar and at the latest now it became clear to me how my life should go. However, I would never have dreamed that I would end up as a singing bartender.

After a few years of private singing lessons, I was accepted at the Hochschule für Musik in Weimar, Germany, department of singing pop/jazz - for me at that time the fulfillment of MY dream.

Then came the "Wende" and I moved to the Franconian metropolis of Nuremberg. I taught singing and guitar, founded the singing school "Art of Voice" and started as a singer in an acapella band, with which I already toured all over Europe in the 1990s. Then I became a singer in a big band, in dance bands, worked in duos, trios and finally SOLO as a singing DJ, later also with a singer.

Thanks to my friend and colleague ART DUKE, I finally became a Singing bartender, trained as an IHK certified bartender and am more than happy in this job!

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Jessi K.

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I don't remember how exactly I got into music. I've always felt passionate about singing. And as luck would have it, I was suddenly the front woman of a party rock band for 15 years.

Via singing lessons at Art of Voice I finally came to the singing DJ's and singing bartenders. Since then, as a permanent duet and life partner of Mark Dee, I can perform my favorite hits from 6 decades until today. Always on the lookout for successful new interpretations of well-known songs.

My claim: high-quality, credible singing, which carries away my audience and makes every event something very special!

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